My name is Cathy  and helping people manage conflict in the workplace is my passion! I grew up in a family who were very vocal, loud and not afraid to tell each other how we felt. I wish I could say we were “conflict free” but I would be lying. (hehe)  Because of this experience, I am not afraid of helping people resolve conflict in the workplace.  I actually enjoy helping people because I love to see the end result of a conflict that gets resolved.

I remember my first job as a sales person in a Sports store.  One day my boss sent a co-worker before we opened in the morning to tell me something that I had done wrong in the previous week. I remember being so upset that my boss didn’t have the courage to tell me himself.  Well, not wanting to tolerate bad behavior, I quit.

I have seen so many unresolved conflict situations over the years in the jobs that I held as a Sales Person at a sports store, Manager of a pizza shop, Recreation leader, Recreation Supervisor, Youth Leadership Coordinator and HR Training Manager. These unresolved conflicts in the workplace resulted in loss time, sick leave, loss productivity, termination and poor morale.   I remember thinking  “This situation could be easily resolved  if the manager and employee would sit down and honestly talk to each other” or “If these two employees had a conflict mediator, they could work this issue out”.  But time after time, so many people were afraid of conflict and pretended that the situation didn’t exist. Or team members were so resigned that the conflict could ever work out so he/she gave up.  This is what had me decide to become a Conflict Resolution Coach and Mediator. I wanted to help people resolve conflict so they can get back to work and produce results!

I created this website so I can share resources, tools, conflict resolution tips/solutions and provide support for people. With over 16 years of training and coaching in the areas of conflict resolution and communication, I would love to assist you in resolving a communication problem or conflict in the workplace.  Feel free to bring any communication or conflict challenge and I can help you!

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