Workplace mediation is a powerful method that can help employees and managers resolve conflict .  I have a few questions to ask you to help you decide weather workplace mediation is for you.  Do you have any relationships at work where communication may be stopped or limited and your relationship is now strained? Do you have more stress or loss of productivity due to this strained relationship?  Do you have a hard time going to work knowing that you will have to see or work with this person? Or- are you a manager who is tired of dealing with employee or team conflict and want the problem resolved?  The problem is now having your stress levels go up and is costing the organization money due to loss of productivity or absenteeism.  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place to find out how workplace mediation can help you.


Conflict is a natural part of life. We all experience conflict. If an upset goes unresolved for a long time and we keep dealing with conflict, it can get harder to resolve. Feelings are hurt, people are angry, and there is a loss of relationship. Sometimes it feels hopeless that the relationship will ever be the same again. There are times when you have tried everything and still have not been able to resolve the conflict.

If you are committed to the possibility of resolving an upset with your boss, business partner or coworker, then you may benefit from Workplace Mediation.

Workplace Mediation will provide tools, insights, and listening to help you resolve a conflict with the help of a conflict mediator. A Conflict Mediator is a neutral 3rd person. The mediator has a designed process that will assist you and the other person in resolving your upset and coming up with solutions that work for both of you. This process is very powerful and works often in only 3-4 hours! Mediation has an 85-90% success rate if people are willing to show up and do the work. With this process, you will gain courage and the ability to communicate in such a way that will empower your strained relationship.



The following results can be possible out of these processes:

  • Learn tools to deal with conflict.
  • Gain courage to communicate with difficult people.
  • Enhance your communication skills.
  • Gain more ease with addressing conflict.
  • Ask for what you want or need and set boundaries.
  • Gain the courage to communicate your thoughts and feelings.
  • Be able to listen to their side of the story.
  • Distinguish between what really happened and the story we all made up about it.
  • Come up with Win Win solutions to the issues/problems.
  • Create conditions of satisfaction with people who you interact with on a regular basis.
  • Learn to have more compassion and forgiveness for people’s humanity without giving up yourself.
  • Distinguish between trust or fear when interacting with others. Notice what it costs you to stay in fear or defense mode with most people around you. It is VERY tiring.
  • Learn to complete interactions with people who no longer seem to be healthy for you or those who are going on different paths in life. Both of you can be left empowered.

I work in the San Jose Bay Area. Please contact me to discuss fees.  All of my work is 100% guaranteed.

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