VERBAL JUDO- 7 things you NEVER say to anyone!

The secret of good discipline is use language disinterestedly You can’t discipline someone using anger. The moment you do you lose power and you hurt permanently.

Description:Complete video at: Dr. George Thompson, president and founder of the Verbal Judo Institute, names the most effective methods for discipline. He draws from the time his son broke a vase to argue that calmness and disinterest made his punishment more effective. —– Academic-turned-cop and best-selling author George “Doc” Thompson describes how tactical language allows leaders to achieve their goals. He explains his system of “verbal judo” and how it can be applied by everyone from parents to policemen. – Columbia Business School After a decade as an English professor, George Thompson left academia to be a police officer. Thompson discovered that the most effective source of power in volatile situations was not a weapon or fists but words — conversational tactics that defuse conflicts. The principles Thompson extracted from his experience, summarized in his book, Verbal Judo, apply to almost any tense conflict, whether on the streets, at home, or in the office. Thompson has trained over half a million people in his methods, ranging from New York City police officers to front line health care and airline workers to corporate leaders.

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