Gossip at work is like an untreated infection!!

Unresolved conflicts and gossip at work are like untreated infections. The longer they are left alone, the more difficult they become to eliminate, and the harder they are to heal.  Everything from passive aggressive notes left on refrigerator doors to  interactions between employees which create divisions and make everyone feel uncomfortable create an unhealthy work environment.  When Gossip at work spreads,  employees are not happy and productivity suffers.

Unpleasant work environments are the number one source of poor employee morale. And as everyone knows, employee morale is a tremendous factor in the success of any organization.

Gossip at Work

We like to poke fun at complaintive notes posted on refrigerator doors at work. They’re often written in anger, with  exclamation points, and later can be read for a laugh. But basically they point to a communication failure. And if we’re totally honest, how many of us are guilty of  spreading gosssip at work, leaving notes or writing a hurtful email?  The next time you are upset at your co-worker or boss, think twice before spreading rumors or sending covert emails.

People don’t realize the damage that is often done to work relationships when employees do not communicate in a constructive manner.   It often takes years to ever trust again.  Can you imagine working in an enviroment 8 hours a day where you do not trust the person who sits next to you? Don’t let this happen to you or your workplace.

Stop gossip at work by halting a conversation that is headed in a gossipy direction. Try lines such as, “Let’s hold off talking about Mary until she’s here,” or “This not something I feel comfortable talking about with Joe in the next room.” Your co-workers will be caught off-guard, but chances are they will change the subject.  I would love to hear a time when you were able to stop gossip in your workplace!

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